Uncertain Game

Uncertain Game3 sUncertain Game
Single channel video, Color, stereo sound
Edition of 7 + 2 AP





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Uncertain Game is a narrative video and sound installation which follows a person on a journey – one that sets out to fuel a primal desire but then transforms into a complicated moral and spiritual examination of humanity.
There is a grotesque game that takes place in the interior of a car; then a lone figure on an abandoned diving platform looks up at what appears to be another figure swimming in suspended water, then another figure floating on an unknown island. These images wander in the central figure’s imagination and consciously or unconsciously connect together to form an uncertain boundary. This kind of “in between” questions how we present our bodies and escape determinism. They also reconfigure the language of desire, anxiety and authority into a new fluid, hybrid structure.
the sexuality and gender of Uncertain Game is ambivalent and ambiguity. It is an exploration of the idea of the sexual transmission of flesh and mental, role and authority, will and submission for which the film itself becomes an autoerotic vehicle transporting the viewer towards the possibility of such an unlikely union. I use transformation, performance and props to explore the body as a site for the construction and deconstruction of subjectivities. I put my own aesthetic experience and limited human imagination into the way of shaping roles. There are unique shapes with gender-ambiguous character modeling, and are even alienated subjects that return to “Becoming Animal” and become more difficult to be defined, then gradually move towards a non-identity. The animal man succumbs to its sexual needs, and is permanently played and hidden in our society, and we peak of humanity while in the process of reaching sexual pleasure. The physical fetish that allows the expectations of pain, danger and gratification it carries to be transformed into the psychosexual prosthetic essential to all pornographic fantasy, as well as for the physical and the psychological deformation and separation caused by the desire for pleasure.


Director: Yao Cong
Producer: Yao Cong
Production coordinator: Stephen Turner
Production designer: Yao Cong
Cinematographer: Yao Cong, Minyoung Kim
Casting: Lauri Sallantaus, Feng Zhixuan, Stephen Turner, Eric
Costume designer: Yao Cong, Huang Shasha, Yin-Hsin Chang
Make-up Artist: Josie Connell
Colorist: Alex Grigoras
Original Score: Freddy Mercer
Additional Music: Arthur Leadbetter
Special Thanks to:
Dan Boorman, Phil,
Lin Zilin, Youmee Hwang, Zhang Qianwen
Swindon Borough Council, Coate Water Park office
Gary Grainger, director of M&G AUTOS LTD
Sean Johnson, director of Johnson Picture Framing & Galleries
All rights reserved © Yao Cong



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Date: June 22, 2017