Uncertain Game


Uncertain Game
Single channel video, Color, stereo sound
Edition of 7 + 2 AP
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Primal desire, which triggers the game of humanity and the system, from which is derived the state of dream. “Uncertain Game” is a video installation which follows a person on a journey – one that sets out to fuel a primal urge but then transforms into a complicated moral and spiritual examination of humanity.
A grotesque game; an abandoned diving platform, a variety figure and an unknown island. These images wander in the central figure’s imagination and consciously or unconsciously connect together to form an uncertain boundary. This kind of “in between”questions how we present our bodies and escape determinism. They also reconfigure the language of desire, anxiety and authority into a new fluid, hybrid structure.

Director: Yao Cong
Producer: Yao Cong
Production coordinator: Stephen Turner
Production designer: Yao Cong
Cinematographer: Yao Cong, Minyoung Kim
Casting: Lauri Sallantaus, Feng Zhixuan, Stephen Turner, Eric
Costume designer: Yao Cong, Wong Shasha, Chang Yin-Hsin
Make-up Artist: Josie Connell
Colorist: Alex Grigoras
Original Score: Freddy Mercer
Additional Music: Arthur Leadbetter
Special Thanks to:
Dan Boorman, Phil,
Lin Zilin, Youmee Hwang, Zhang Qianwen
Swindon Borough Council, Coate Water Park office
Gary Grainger, director of M&G AUTOS LTD
Sean Johnson, director of Johnson Picture Framing & Galleries
All rights reserved © Yao Cong



单屏影像 4K/HD,彩色,有声
        ⼀场奇异的游戏,⼀个废弃的跳台,多种变换的形象,⼀个未知的岛屿。 这些图像在主⾓的想象中漫游,并有意或⽆意地连接在⼀起形成不确定的界限。 这种 “在之间” 提出我们如何呈现我们的⾝体以及逃避决定论的问题。他们同样进⾏了对于欲望,焦虑和权威的重组,并进⼊⼀种新的流动的,混合的结构。





Uncertain Game (clip) from Yao Cong on Vimeo.


Date: 7月 22, 2017