Yao Cong
(b. 1992 China) Currently lives and works in China.


Sensitive emotions have always been the driving force behind his inspiration. Yao Cong intends to build an exquisite, compelling body of work that critically reflects on how sexuality, gender, and body is manufactured and deconstructed today, how individual and collective engagements make the political personal and are circulated through by the gameplay of emotion, judgement and ethics. Through reconfiguring the language of desire, anxiety and authority into a new fluid, hybrid structure. He creates immersive works with hazy, poetic and sharp aesthetics by diverse media such as moving image, performance, installation, photography and painting in constant developments and explorations.
Yao Cong was born in Xi’an in 1992. He received his BA in Intermedia Art from China Academy of Art in 2014, In the same year, he won the Luo Zhongli Scholarship for the best graduating young artist in Greater China. His MA in Fine Art from Royal College of Art, London, in 2017.
Yao Cong’s works are exhibited extensively, at venues such as Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany; CICA museum, Korean; Mill Hall, Kerala, India; Centre for Art and Culture, Barcelona, Spain; Shanghai Himalayas Museum, China; Today Art Museum, Beijing, China; MOMAChengdu, Chengdu, China. His works have been featured at 8th International Contemporary Art Fair ARTVILNIUS (2017); VIDEONALE.16 (2017); Loop Barcelona (2017); 10th Beijing Queer Film Festival (2017); 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival (2017); Microwave International New Media Arts Festival (2016); Helsinki Festival (2015); 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival (2014), among others.



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