the Soliloquy in the Air


the Solilweb-the-s-in-the-a6oquy in the Air
Single channel video, color, stereo sound


A repeated rhythm gradually becomes stronger—a kind of repetition that infiltrates the perception of time. In this theatrical space, there is a process of a man washing a machine. The act of labour is simple and thorough, yet the movements reveal an underlying meaning of desire. This behaviour becomes a game where man and machine both negotiate for rights. Masculinity, sexualisation, decontamination, and suspended body intertwine with each other. It is a hunger and longing for the so-called freedom, but also the representation of weakness, a hidden anxiety, and truth.



Production designer: Yao Cong
Cinematographer: Yao Cong
Casting: Tom Lawrence
Music from: Maurice Ravel, Boléro; Claude-Michel Schönberg, Bring him home from Les Misérables
Special Thanks to:
Pam Su, Lin Zilin, Youmee Hwang
Written, directed & produced by Yao Cong
All rights reserved © Yao Cong


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Date: December 05, 2016