Seeds of the World: Overture

3-screen video installation, color, sound
Seeds of the World: Overture is a three-screen video installation. The work is based on the Gulangyu Island on the southeastern coast of China, which attempts to rethink relate questions in the context of the Anthropocene. How the island as a sacred land in the ocean, or a mountain in the sea, has become a matrix of re-origination and re-imagination, and how the “seeds of modernity” spread and grow in the flow of the so-called civilized land to the wild island. The three-part video in the work creates a dialogue through the arrangement of images and music. Using industrial technology, exotic plants, and sunbath as narrative clues, through a form of “overture”, it describes the seeds of “modern civilization” in the context of myth, history and present, it carries joy and crisis, like a ghostly voice, in the process of diving into the romantic primitive island at dusk. The aggressiveness from the beginning gradually developed into an ambiguous state, which once again stirred up the separation between nature and civilization, triggering continuous thinking about the relationship between the savage mind and modern civilization.

三屏影像装置, 彩色, 有声









Date: 12月 20, 2022