Hotel Project – Listen For

Listen For Performance/Photo Device Jul.2013-(ongoing)     Created through social interaction, this ongoing work intends to reflect something of the life experiences of Chinese gay men. This is a series of photographs taken of men I have arranged to meet in hotel rooms that show us lying on the bed. During these encounters I recorded our conversation on my smart phone and subsequently translated this into t
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Before Performance (30min) /Documentary Video Oct.2013   This work recalls a memory from a period when I was in the preparatory class cramming for China’s art examination. As the artist has already experienced the whole process, he is able to enter as a “winner” in the context to reproduce this exam-oriented system with new perspective and showcase vividly the stressful life and mental state occurring before the
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1703 Performance/Documentary Video (13min08 s) July.07.2012 1703-(excerpt) from chrisyao on Vimeo.   It is my conviction that we are facing ourselves rather than others for the majority of our lives. My 20th birthday falls on July 7, 2012 marking the 1703rd day of my presence in this world. Thus, I consider this performance to be a present sent by me to celebrate my 20th birthday. Time is my closest friend and w
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Hotel Project – 8206

8206  (live: 1hour) Performance Apr.2013 If asked the question “What do you want to do most before you die?” what might be your answer? For me, it would be in the recalling of experience and the often intense emotion attached to this that I am unwilling to let go. For example, a simple thing like singing a song quietly to myself can affect my mood positively or negatively. The repetition of words and phrases in my br
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4X5 Performance Dec.2011   Inside the museum hall, four performers stand still on a rectangle-shaped terrace between stairs. Then, they walk along the verge of the terrace at an even pace with four steps in the shorter edge and five steps in the longer. The performers pause when an audience member’s first foot enters the rectangle zone and resume their pace after they leave. This is how an independent private ro
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